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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery shrinks the size of your stomach, so you can't eat as much as you used to. The surgeon will also re-route, or bypass, part of your digestive system so you don't absorb as much food.


Extensive gastric bypass (biliopancreatic diversion): This is a more complicated type of gastric bypass. The surgeon removes the lower part of the stomach. He then connects the small pouch that remains directly to the last part of the small intestine, completely bypassing the first two parts. It works for weight loss, but it's not widely used because it can leave you short on nutrients


Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery

People who have gastric bypass surgery are at risk for:

  •  Pouch stretching. The stomach gets bigger over time, stretching back to its original size.
  •  Band erosion. The band closing off part of the stomach disintegrates.
  •  Breakdown of staple lines. The band and staples fall apart, reversing the procedure.
  •  Leakage of stomach acid into the body. This is dangerous because the acid can eat away other organs.
  •  Nutritional deficiencies. Your body will be less able to get nutrients from food.

Gastric bypass surgery also may cause "dumping syndrome." When that happens, food moves too quickly from the stomach to the small intestine. Symptoms include nausea, weakness, sweating, fainting, and, occasionally, diarrhea after eating, as well as becoming extremely weak after eating sweets.

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